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31 July 2020 @ 03:52 pm
To everyone that had bought something from me I'm really glad if you could leave your feedback on :
1. communication
2. payment
3. shipping/posting
4. items handled / condition
5. overall

and please put positive/negative in the subject.

I'm really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
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09 September 2010 @ 06:22 pm

I'm not intended to but I accidentally involve with.. and I can't do anything.. forgive me minna...

Ok what I'm talking about is my new fandom.. don't get mad at me.. I'm not changing fandom.. just added a new one.. I'm still with NEWS up until now but since they have not been active for a very long time I opened up myself towards something that at first I didn't want to be involved to with.. the k-pop..

and the new fandom that I'm in love with now is the SO NYUH SHI DAE(SNSD) / GIRLS' GENERATION / SHOUJO JIDAI fandom. Short intro SNSD is a nine-girl group from South Korea. the members of the group are Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung Soo Yeon, Sunny Lee Sun Kyu, Tiffany Hwang Mi Young, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Choi Soo Young, Im Yoona and lastly Seo Ju Hyun. Debut in 2007 with their first single, Into the New World. They're one of the most popular group in South Korea. Since debuting always being said as a rival towards Wonder Girls. Currently spreading their music in Japan with their upcoming debut single, GENIE, on 8th of September. They have released a DVD in Japan on 11th of August entitled NEW BEGINNING OF GIRLS' GENERATION contained their past music videos in Korea and the LIVE DIGEST of their Into the New World Concert Tour. They also have done a showcase in Japan on 25th of August 2010 with estimately 22,000 fans present. In Japan, they're being known as girls with great legs. They are not only great about legs but they also have great vocals and dance moves.

I've been their die-hard-fans about one month and nine days only(owh what a sweet no. 9=1).. yeah still a freshie fan.. but I think I have done quite well already..(for me la).. my fav is
soo young and fany fany mushroom tiffany!! 

ok here is my collection of SNSD items

NEW BEGINNING of GIRLS' GENERATION DVD [Limited Edition]  - First DVD release in Japan


as you can see the backside of it contained the pass for their showcase on 25th of August which I didn't get to go and also the official penlight for the showcase

all the SNSD's CDs that I have bought so far..

INTO THE NEW WORLD - First Debut Single

BABY BABY - First Album Repackage

TELL ME YOUR WISH(GENIE) - Second Mini Album

RUN DEVIL RUN - Second Album Repackage

SNSD's First Photobook in Japan

SNSD's SMTOWN Live Concert 2010 World Tour in Seoul Postcard Set

GENIE - First Japanese Debut Single

OK so far that's all I've got but there's still much more coming up..
currently waiting for my
- SNSD's First Photobook in Japan
- SNSD's Second Album OH! Limited Edition + Poster
- SNSD's Official Postcard Set A, C and D
- SNSD's SMTOWN Live Concert 2010 World Tour in Seoul Postcard Set
- SNSD's GENIE First Press Limited Edition Japanese Single
- SNSD's GENIE Limited Edition Japanese SIngle *UPDATED*
- SNSD's SPAOh! Poster *UPDATED*

will update on the other items later!!

UPDATE on 18th September 2010

p/s : will post a review on a few items next!!


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04 June 2009 @ 06:02 am


I’m updating my lj all about j-dorama today.


Up to this point I have watched quite a number of j-dorama. Easy talk I watch j-dorama more than k-drama although in my local tv k-drama is obviously much more than j-dorama.


The list of dramas that I currently watching is :-

  1. Atashinchi no Danshi
  2. Majo Saiban
  3. The Quiz Show 2
  5. Ryusei no Kizuna

All this drama are still on my Bittorent. Owh it’s ****ing slow. Hope many people will seed it more.


Review on currently watching dramas


For AtaDan I just realize that this drama is very funny. Why I didn’t realize and download it sooner. I finished watch ep1-3. currently downloading ep4-7. It’s really funny to see the brothers fighting with each other and all the brothers are so damn handsome and cute except for the second son Takeru. Although he looks a bit annoying in the drama but actually he is very kind. He help his little brother Akira and Chisato when those little brats bullying them. Kaname as the first son, Fuu is so cool in that drama. Although until ep2 he doesn’t appeared much but I can sense his coolness.. ahh so kakkoii.  The third son Sho look a bit like Kwon Sang Woo. He’s also handsome and he is kind to Chisato. The fourth son, Masaru acted by Yamamoto Yusuke. He acted as a model but he’s also wearing make up. It remind me of Hana Kimi but compared to Fudo in RESCUE he’s really really different. From a weird boy in Hana Kimi to a very cool one in RESCUE and now a softy in AtaDan. I started to like this guy. Okay enough with Yusuke lets move on to the fifth son Satoru. Not much to say about him. He’s cute that’s all..LOL.. Now finally my most favourite one the sixth son Akira. I don’t know why this kid is so kawaii.. I wanna pinch his cheeks. I really like to see his face. In this drama he is very smart. Although he just 12 but he already involved with stock and stuff. He will become a great man even without the inheritance. Okay that’s all for the ‘sons’ now for Maki character Chisato. First of all I wanna say Maki is very cute. I think she looks better with her Hana Kimi hair more than Kurosagi/NWP hair. Okay Chisato is a girl who left by her father with a debt worth 1 million yen.  Poor she living homeless because of his father. Luckily she had friends or ‘bodyguards’ who totally have a crush against her and always helping her out. Her character is also funny. It reminded a lot with Teppan Girl Akane and Hana Kimi. Well she tried her best to be the boys’ mother. Hope she will succeed. Can’t wait to watch next and next and next episode. BT pls download it faster!!
*edit* Someone posted the screencaps for ep8. so damn kawaii and guess what Sho KISSING Chisato.. looks like a forbidden love to me..LOL.. see it here & here. credit to [info]calledinvain


For Majo Saiban. I really don’t understand this story. I just know they were on trial and stuff. I don’t think this drama is interesting I just wanna watch Toma only..LOL..


For The Quiz Show the story is quite interesting how they want to make a murderer admit their wrong doing. It also full of mystery with the past of Sho character. I want to know who’s the girl in the beginning of the story, how Sho lost his memories, what’s the attention Yuu character to create the show. At first I only downloading this drama because I wanna watch Sho and Yuu only. Never expect the drama is quite interesting. I’m not a fan of eito but I love to see Yuu act. Looks like he straightened his hair back just like in Yukan Club. Yayy!!. His curly hair is seriously ugly..LOL. Last time I watch his performance was in Countdown with his curly hair so I don’t know when he straightened it back but I’m glad he done that.


For RESCUE I’m still waiting for ep8&9 to be subbed. This is the one of the reason why I don’t like hard sub. If there were the soft sub of it I can just DL the raw files first and DL the sub later and soft sub usually came out faster than the hard sub. But I understand that they want to protect their hardworks so its fine but I hope it will available soon. Okay back to the review. This story really makes me started to love Nakamaru and Massu. Daichi is so passionate. Although he had a bad experience of being trapped and had a phobia but he overcome it in order to become a SR memmber. He also put other people and his friends first. Looks how he want to make his teammates Koga to stay. He willing to sacrifice his chance to be an SR and he covered Koga mistakes and stuff. It’s too bad that Koga died in the drama. Massu is so cute!! But why is he not in the same team with Daichi during training?? But he still with Daichi when they both with Fudo being selected to become an SR. But I wish all of the other become an SR too. I don’t like to see them being separated. Watcing them together in the restaurant is really sweet. But they still contacting with each other although after being transferred to other departments. And Fudo also has open up a bit with the other. Love to see that!!


For Ryusei no Kizuna.. yeah yeah I know this drama has finished a long time ago but I can’t help it I just watched it around 2 months ago. Right now I’m still stucked at ep 5. Ep 6-10 is still crawling like tortoise to finish downloading. I really love this drama. The bond between them is so sweet. I like to see the chibi Shizuna. She is so cute and acted so well. The most funny part of the story I think the part when they swindled the host money. The story created by their nii-chan is so funny.. How come the host trusted it. It’s really unlogistic.the rabbit name is Furikake and the rabbit got a fever. The Shiori also doesn’t look like a normal girl. Wearing that kind of cloth and don’t have cell phones. He’s really into his fantasy shoujo manga too much. I also like how he doesn’t like to be the no.1 host. He just want to be the no.2. LOL The part when Kouichi searching for the woman that swindle Shizuna money is also funny. Nino really looks like a stalker for a sec there and how his brother and sister had a goosebump when he done that..LOL.. then I also like the hayashi rice part when kouichi sacrifice his sleeps to make the hayashi rice but then Kaname wants to eat the ‘Hayashi rice’ made by Hayashi George-san.


That’s all my review on currently watching dramas.


The list of dramas finished watching:-

  1. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e + SP
  2. Kurosagi + Movie
  3. Nobuta wo Produce
  4. Proposal Daisakusen + SP
  5. Teppan Girl Akane
  6. Dragon Zakura
  7. IWGP
  8. Gokusen 1
  9. Liar Game
  10. Maou
  11. Voice
  12. Change
  13. Tantei Gakuen Q + SP
  14. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo series 1
  15. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo series 3
  16. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo  SP(2005-Kame)
  17. My Boss My Hero
  18. Zettai Kareshi
  19. Tokyo Friends + Movie
  20. Sensei wa Erai 
  21. Shabake

Special Case Dramas (Have the files but never care less to watch it or not) :-

  1. Gokusen 2
  2. Gokusen 3
  3. Hana Yori Dango 1
  4. Hana Yori Dango 2
  5. Hana Yori Dango Movie
  6. Stand Up
  7. Sore wa, Totsuzen Arashi no you ni
  8. Last Friends
  9. One Litre of Tears SP


Stucked Dramas and never bothered to watch now:-

  1. Code Blue + SP
  2. Seito Shokun

So far I this is all the drama that I have watched, watching and not watched yet. But there're still much more for me to see. Yamapi's new drama Buzzer Beat, tegoshi drama sp and past drama that I haven't watch yet.

well that's all for now..I'm very lazy to update my lj but I will try my best to post more. I hope so.

Jaa ne~~

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04 June 2009 @ 04:50 am

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 5 people about this game.
yamapi is the one that you love.    --> yeah absolutely!!
tegoshi is one you like but can't work out.  --> I want him as the one I love too!!
• You care most about massu.  --> not really..
kei-chan is the one who knows you very well.  --> as if.. I would be really glad if he does
daiki is your lucky star.  --> for sure
dreams come true is the song that matches with yamapi.  --> I don't think so it should be gomen ne juliet right
hoshi wo mezahite is the song for tegoshi.  --> I think it suits him well
gomen ne juliet is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.  --> is it??
• and dreams is the song telling you how you feel about life  --> maybe.. I think it really are

I don't want to tell about my wish coz it might not be happened if I tell everyone rite.. nahh I'm not believing it anyway.. I just wanna take this quiz.. you should try it too.. its fun

Take this quiz
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29 April 2009 @ 03:52 pm
I don't know whether this is allowed or not

I want to ask to whoever bought the Koi no ABO cd on HMV japan.

My question is are your cd has arrived or can you track your order or have your order been shipped yet?

I bought from HMV but I can't track my order and I have informed hmv about it and they said that the delivery company didn't collect the order yet and said that there is no delivery on weekends and Japanese National Holiday. It's weird because I think yesterday and today not a holiday right..

I'm kinda worried now so I hope anyone will answer my question.

P/S : I will delete my post as soon as I get a few responds. Sorry for this.
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09 April 2009 @ 02:04 am
HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!! I'm going to sing happy birthday for p now..LOL

our dear P has gain another year now..
hope you will stay well in your carreer ne..

as for my present for P, I made this few simple icons from may issues of duet, potato and wink up.. sorry if it's so simple as this is my first time making icons
.. hope you all like it


dozou..Collapse )

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08 April 2009 @ 08:29 pm


White X'mas LE with DVD(DVD Region 2) - USD 18

White X'mas First Press RE (2 copies available) - USD 6

ONE DROP First Press RE - USD 15

RESCUE First Press RE (2 copies available) - USD 15


SAKURA GIRL Limited Edition - USD 15

Happy Birthday LE

Happy Birthday LE (there's a crack on the cd case)

Color LE

notes : 
~payment by paypal, bank transfer(Malaysian only) and concealed cash(not recommended, buyers own risks)
~all items are brand new, unopened and sealed
~all items are original japanese edition
~posting or shipping cost not included yet
~paypal fees not included yet
~items located in Malaysia and will ship worldwide
~I will also be happy to help you buy singles/goods that still on stock. just name one and I will try find it for you
~picture are LQ bcoz I only use my phone cam
~all price are the same price as when I'm bought it

please use this form
<b>ITEMS :</b>
<b>E-MAIL :</b>
<b>LOCATION :</b>
<b>QUESTIONS :</b>
For FEEDBACK reference please take a look in here
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06 March 2009 @ 04:09 am
Finally after 5 weeks in campus I have finally at home. I'm very excited to go back home because I want to see all my stuff ordered. I have 4 of them as I said on the previous entry and I am really happy to see'em all. But unfortunately 1 item is missing fromthe NWPD goods. All of the others are fine except for the happy birthday single that I bought from play-asia. the cd case is somewhat had a crack at the back side of it.
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01 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm
13 February 2009 @ 04:04 am

today I will post review screencaps of the latest episode of VOICE. I know many people have already finish downloading it but since I had a free time so I decided to post this. I can't write the review yet because the GiraGira did not post the subs yet and it will be late due to the translators taking a short break.

SO this is a few screencaps that I take.. dozoo..

   the whole episode's screencaps

the beginning of the story

Eita looks really cute and funny putting Toma's comfy sweater..LOL

the next episode but I put this caps only because at first I thought mirai shida is horikita maki. she really looks like maki when maki was    small in this,, on second thought not really. just a glimpse of eye

I had others screencaps too but I just put these four first. Will update later

so that's all for today

1 4 NEWS 7
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